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Kitty Mom of the Year (Winner #3, Leslie Perrin, Sergeants Rocky & Sake)

Meow, meow, meow, purr, purr, meow, meow…


Wait!  We better translate this so you human’s can understand what we’re writing.

We would like to nominate our Mommy, Leslie Perrin, for the best Mommy ever.  The two of us, Rocky & Sake, have been her kids our whole lives of 15 months (except the first 5 weeks, of course).

Living in the heart of the Quarter, she and our Daddy, Chuck, were being pestered by these obnoxious smaller (and uglier than us) animals that roam the river’s edge and scavenge behind the great Restaurants (so we’ve heard) of the Vieux Carre.  Now, if these nocturnal rascals had just stayed put, then the two of us might still be living in Hammond… and probably not together.

But the call came for our help (the Cat Signal!) and we were enlisted to help Mommy free her home and courtyard of those unwanted wiry-tailed guests.  Now, there were two initial problems – one, Mommy was terribly allergic to little kids like us.  Two, we were very small.  Smaller than the enemy we were brought in to defeat.  And this is where our Mommy gets the award.

Instead of just choosing one us of, she saw how cuddly we both were together and just knew that it would break our hearts to be separated, so she took us both.  She took us in, took her medicine, took care to teach us the new boundaries of our realm, took us for shots and baths and took care to raise us into fearsome warriors and sentinels.  She fed us the right food so we grew big and strong and provided soft beds and lots of toys so we would never want to leave.

And you know what?  There hasn’t been an invader seen since our arrival!  But our job is not done.  This is a lifelong enlistment.  And the best part is, because of Mommy, we get to do it together.  From start to finish we will be by each other’s sides… as well as at the side of our Mommy (who hides taking her medicine so we won’t feel bad, but we know better).

It’s patrol time again.  Rocky takes the fishpond and Sake takes the planters today.  We’ll meet back at HQ (the Kitchen) for dinner and a belly rub until we snooze and dream of even more belly rubs.

Mommy has made us feel proud serving our courtyard!

Thank you.

Sergeants Rocky & Sake

Rat Patrol

French Quarter Sector

Mrs. Perrin -Kitty Mom receiving her gift certificate to Earth Savers for a SPA DAY!!

Mrs. Perrin -Kitty Mom receiving her gift certificate to Earth Savers for a SPA DAY!!

Cat Obesity in New Orleans-The Cat Practice

Dr. Cousins paid a visit to WWLTV to speak about feline obesity! Did you spot him on TV this month? Check out his TV spot here!
For more on Cousins and The Cat Practice, visit

Kitty Mom of the Year (Winner #2: Laura Owen/Mommy of Azzurri, Bella, Jolie, Koko)


Our mom is the best cat mom. I’m Jolie, the number one cat, but I’m not the oldest because my mom adopted my birth mom Azzurri and adopted sister Bella’s birth mom Koko when their owner got too sick to take care of them. She and my dad decided that Azzurri and Koko were already family so they should come live with us. So there are four of us in our house! And we are high maintenance. Bella and Azzurri take medicine every day and my ears and Azzurri’s ears have to be cleaned regularly. Our mom is so protective of us she won’t even let us go outside, but she still puts Revolution on us every month! Every year my mom counts down the days til our annual visit to make sure we are healthy. And if though we are sometimes stinky at the vet and we have to get tranqed, she will cry because she worries about us. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part… the food. Our mom gets us nice natural food and gives us yummy treats. My favorite is when she gives me rotisserie chicken and boy do I beg for it! Sometimes all four of us sleep on top of her at night and she loves it. Every morning my mom fills our princess water goblets with ice water. I once heard our dad say that every day on her way home from work mom says how she can’t wait to get home and see us and hug us. It must be true because she says good bye to each of us every time she leaves the house and as soon as she walks in she hugs and kisses us like she hasn’t seen us in forever! My mom says no matter what is going on a hug from one of us makes it better. She loves us so much and we love her back just as hard.

IMG_20130518_1 (2)

Laura Owen. Mommy of Azzurri, Bella, Jolie, Koko

Kitty Mom of the Year (Winner #1, HannahBelle, Mary Harrison)

077 (2)

I was found as a kitten in Singapore.  I am a Japanese Bobtail.  I was a tiny white kitten with a bob tail and a huge head.  I was lost so I sat and mewed at the passing Singaporeans.  She spotted me on the sidewalk as she entered her office building.  She stopped and watched.  The day was typical Singapore -humid and hot -New Orleans summer weather to the nth degree.  I hoped that someone would pick me up, shelter me from the blazing equatorial sun, and give me a good home.  Soon, I realized that she was to be the one.

Mary became mine for life.   My kitty mom.  How lucky we both were.

Chinese Singaporeans have a special belief in luck both good and bad.  Some even believe that cats are bad luck.  But she believed I would bring good luck and much joy.

She was an American consultant and would be returning home in three weeks and knew that she had to find a home for me.

Mary’s employer had a teenage daughter, Hannah.  Thinking that she could entice Hannah to take me as a playful, cuddly kitten, Mary named me Hannah Belle.  Beautiful Hannah!  This enticement did not work.  Hannah went to Ireland for her summer break and could not take a little kitten like me.

I required bottle feeding every few hours so Mary took me to the office in a box.  I was too small to have the shots required to come to the States.  Who would take me when Mary had to leave?  Lucky again, her friends, William and Yin fell for me and kept me as Mary returned to the States for six weeks.

Her next business trip cemented our bond and by the end of her stay, I was old enough for the shots and the long journey home.  Singapore is on the exact opposite side of the world.  They are 13 hours ahead of the USA.  The journey is thirty hours door to door with several stops.  She was concerned.  How would a little kitten make the journey?

I was a trooper.  I traveled on the airline in a soft sided carrier under the seat.  I was fed and watered in Japan and she shortened the trip with a layover of a few days in San Francisco.  I stayed in kitty day care there.  When we finally arrived in Colorado, I immediately wanted to play with her old man cat, Bo.

Within a few month, Mary, her husband, Bill, Bo and I moved to New Orleans.  That was September 2000.  Within a few years Bo had passed.  Since then we have been adopted by Maisie, Jed, Dante, and Ren but Mary belonged to me, Hannahbelle.  I was possessive.

Mary adored me and I was her constant companion – even sleeping in the crook of her arm.  Her husband, my Vicki aunts, her grandson, Trevor, and their friends all adored me, Hannahbelle!  Everyone commented that I looked like I came from an exotic place like Singapore.  Mary’s friend, Bill, was so enamored that he painted my portrait.  My eyes were yellow green, large, and almond shaped.  I was calm and loving and would stare straight into their eyes – fathoming their souls.  Often, I would reach up and pat their checks with my little fat paw.  But, I could also be feisty and nip them.  I loved to eat.  I was short bodied and fat – 17 pounds before my diet.  I was white except for dark grey spots by my ears and my dark grey bob tail.  My back legs were longer than my front legs -like a Manx cat.  I was so cute and cuddly.

Generally,  I was healthy but Mary, along with Dr. Dunn, Dr. Cousins and my friends at the Cat Practice, nursed me these past 13 years through a few health issues -surgery to remove stones in my bladder, two dental surgeries, a near fatal reaction to an antibiotic, and finally the one health issue that we could not overcome – a cancerous tumor.

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Cousins

Mrs Cousins and Mrs Harrison

They did not want me to suffer and I was euthanized April 27th.

They all still cry but, how lucky we all were.    We knew joy.                          HANNAHBELLE   MAY 2000 – APRIL 2013