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About Our Hospital

If you’re looking for the best hospital in New Orleans dedicated exclusively to cats, then The Cat Practice is the place to be! Located in the historic Lower Garden District, our award-winning veterinary facility provides exemplary treatment right off of 1809 Magazine Street and the corner of Felicity.

Introduction To Our Practice

What We Offer?

Our practice prides itself in providing a full-service cat hospital. As an exclusive feline provider, we want to make sure your cat is receiving the most advanced treatment available. That’s why we also incorporate diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Serving our feline friends with the latest technology is always a must at The Cat Practice!

By providing services for every aspect of your cat’s health, The Cat Practice is your one stop shop! Boasting both medical and preventive care, our full service veterinary clinic can help you make the right decisions for your cat ranging in age from kitten to senior. We will assist you every step of the way so that your important questions can be answered, leaving your feeling confident in the process and doubt-free!

Our parking lot is off-street and adjacent to our hospital, exclusively for our patients, so you never have to worry about circling and circling around until you can find proper or safe parking! We look forward to meeting you and our doctor, Dr. Holly Dodson is excited to meet you as well!

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