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Endymeow 2020

What is Endymeow? It's one of the finest Carnival parties around - for cat lovers, at least! An upscale, invitation-only celebration hosted at The Cat Practice during Mardi Gras, Endymeow offers our cat owning family a chance to mingle with other like-minded feline fanciers and celebrate the joys of having a feline family member. This party is known for its epicurean cuisine and libation choices….Endymeow feline Royalty is chosen via an always mysterious vote of the Court of Endymeow; and, Endymeow Dukes and Maids of His and Her Royal Majesties are chosen by the staff of The Cat Practice and displayed at our Endymeow party. So, submit pictures of your kitties in their finest Mardi Gras regalia when Endymeow rolls around. We will announce when that time comes.

Endymeow 2020 Photo Gallery

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